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03/31/18 [8:26 p.m.] - got a junko on the cutie list now!

03/30/18 [9:16 p.m.] - put flcl on the media schedule! for the hype of the follow up series I prolly won't see? or maybe cause its just been a long while since I last saw it!

03/29/18 [9:23 p.m.] - updated the psp2i records page cause its been awhile again!

03/28/18 [11:26 p.m.] - detective pikachu's on the cases solved list! I mean the beaten games one!! such a good fun game!

03/27/18 [8:31 p.m.] - color change time! for freshness sake!

03/26/18 [8:34 p.m.] - added a new note to the games list! so many games beaten!!

03/25/18 [3:30 p.m.] - stumbled across another cutie in need of listing! ranun seems like an unusual name!

03/24/18 [12:57 p.m.] - a whole new sub-section joined the .hack archives today!

03/23/18 [5:07 p.m.] - detective pikachu cutes its way into my 3ds and a buncha gaming pages!

03/22/18 [7:33 p.m.] - just got done adding 32 .hack wallpapers to their wallpaper page! geez!

03/21/18 [7:07 p.m.] - 2 new happiny pics got posted onto her pic page!

03/20/18 [10:13 p.m.] - last years pkmn movie came out last month and on bluray?! sooo adding that to my wanted media list so I dun forget ta get it when I can!

03/19/18 [6:46 p.m.] - a new cutie pics been put up! btw isn't it weird thinking about christmas this early in the year o.o?

03/18/18 [6:37 p.m.] - yakuza kiwami 2's on my wish list now! that games totally gonna be 1 of my christmas presents this year, I can just feel it!

03/17/18 [1:46 p.m.] - the .hack archives has gotten its weekly update! weekly until I skip a week that is >.>;

03/16/18 [5:39 p.m.] - upped some psp2i other things info! noticed a typo on all the ps other things pages that I'ma leave be btw!

03/15/18 [8:29 p.m.] - popped a new crab onto the faces legend! I love those lil things!

03/14/18 [10:22 p.m.] - updated the historia and sf5 stuff on the game scores page!

03/13/18 [[8:43 p.m.] - did some fave foods changin' based on the season!

03/12/18 [6:07 p.m.] - a cutie pics up for the other kurosawa sister!

03/11/18 [9:19 p.m.] - updated my currently played games list. been refocusing on mhs and sf5. double the capcom goodness!

03/10/18 [6:16 p.m.] - got another .hack archives stuff I'm pretty happy with!

03/09/18 [9:20 p.m.] - faces legend gets a new surprised lookin' one!

03/08/18 [9:26 p.m.] - a fresh new rin joins the ranks of cuteness!

03/07/18 [7:36 p.m.] - secret of mana remakes been beaten! fix the crashing an I'll never touch the snes version again, thanks!

03/06/18 [7:35 p.m.] - got a L155 psp2i helena now in a game that doesn't crash!

03/05/18 [5:21 p.m.] - tossing xenogears onto this years beaten game pile! what a bad game!

03/04/18 [11:33 p.m.] - got a fluffy new fate cutie for the list!

03/03/18 [1:08 p.m.] - another real good .hack archives updates just got finished!

03/02/18 [7:12 p.m.] - I think I beat radiant historia the other day so until proven otherwise its on the beaten games list now!

03/01/18 [8:09 p.m.] - them trusty old site stats have gotten updated while magic grinding in mana even though I said I wouldn't this time around >.>;
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