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05/31/15 [8:56 p.m.] - did lil media page & schedule updates tonight. may's over huh? how lame!

05/30/15 [9:21 p.m.] - created a titles page for psp2i! kicking it off with already having nearly a quarter of all the titles there are to get! but no worries I'll never get all 400!

05/29/15 [6:11 p.m.] - discovered yet another cutie to put into my list!

05/28/15 [4:52 p.m.] - psp2i helly's up ta L68 now so her page has been updated with the latest stats! I really need ta start getting up other pages for this game o.o;

05/27/15 [8:23 p.m.] - .hack//g.u. vol.1's on this years beaten games list now! ng+ is amazing!

05/26/15 [9:46 p.m.] - hurrah I'm back from now power pt.2! got a small archives update ready since well days ago so here it is!

05/19/15 [10:32 p.m.] - just got done creating a new faces legend face!

05/18/15 [10:11 p.m.] - put up a new chansey pic on her pictures page ^.^

05/17/15 [9:23 p.m.] - 9 more levels for psp2i helly makes for another good page update for her. ahh the early game, so quick to level up before coming to a grindy halt!

05/16/15 [9:26 p.m.] - cause I gots no gaming attention span lately I started up g.u. vol.1! that currently playing lists sure getting big~

05/15/15 [10:27 p.m.] - a new cute lil cuties been put on the cute cute list o' cuties! never enough cuteness!

05/14/15 [12:34 a.m.] - psp2i ep.1 beat! took long enough for me ta add another game to this years beaten list huh?

05/13/15 [5:07 p.m.] - 5 more levels gained for psp2i helly so her page gets another update!

05/12/15 [8:58 p.m.] - I un-underlined stuff in the currently playing games list cause I got no focus an am pretty much playing all equally. except ffx2 which I've still yet to start -.-!

05/11/15 [6:52 p.m.] - got one of them incrimental archive updates today! stuff can never be fully perfect!!

05/10/15 [10:34 p.m.] - even though it'll prolly be forever until I can get it I added another series to my wanted list on the media page!

05/09/15 [11:34 p.m.] - got one of them rarish type level ups for psp2i helly today so I went an put that on her page! I should prolly stop juggling games but my moods all super casual play what I want when I want lately o.o

05/08/15 [10:10 p.m.] - put a new in the happiny shrine pics page!

05/07/15 [10:10 p.m.] - 2005 game expenses list now gots box arts! just a few more years left ta fill in!

05/06/15 [11:18 p.m.] - cutie list +1 once more!

05/05/15 [9:55 p.m.] - brought the psØ titles page up ta date an fixed a trio of busted links in the ps generations side bar!

05/04/15 [10:49 p.m.] - hurrah! its this sites bday! so I got off my butt an finally did another archives update! happy bday site!

05/03/15 [8:44 p.m.] - got some more watchin' stuff on the media page finallys. ya I'm not forgetting tomorrow!

05/02/15 [11:11 p.m.] - cleaned up some typos an other lil tidying things on the game backlog page! hey guess what its not winter anymore that means where once there were no car alarms there are now a thousand of 'em all the time >_<;

05/01/15 [9:40 p.m.] - oh boy oh boy a new month! will the days get even nicer?! the usual site statistic pages prolly won't but they still got updated regardless!
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