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05/31/16 [7:38 p.m.] - updated psp2i helly's page since I got her another level up. I should prolly stop slacking / being busy an get back to dq5 huh?

05/30/16 [9:55 p.m.] - went an semi-added last an this year on the media page. struck 'em out though cause I'm holding to the no media buyin' stuff thing!

05/29/16 [9:18 p.m.] - updated the vg accessories list with the larger ps3 hdd which was given to me like forever ago. dunno why I didn't list it sooner!

05/28/16 [5:49 p.m.] - a new cuties taken a spot on the list!

05/27/16 [10:58 p.m.] - made another lil small changes to the chansey shrine's menu! oh an shoutout ta neogaf for hitting 100,000,000 posts of which over 6,700 were mine ^.^

05/26/16 [8:57 p.m.] - heyyyy back up to a full year of daily updates in a row! todays happens ta be a .hack//archives update. it was lotsa work for me even if looking at the fixes/changes now the pages dun seem all that different!

05/25/16 [10:11 p.m.] - new face + legend = tonights update! woohoo!

05/24/16 [10:49 p.m.] - swapped kirby & style savvy around on the games page. totally getting style savvy at launch, kirby maybe not since moneys still tight an my goals are lagging behind.

05/23/16 [9:24 p.m.] - new background colors times! makes the place seem abit spiffed up huh?

05/22/16 [8:02 p.m.] - scrounged up another cutie ta place into the list!

05/21/16 [10:02 p.m.] - some more diggin' an discoverin' has brought about another .hack//archives update!

05/20/16 [10:24 p.m.] - ratchet & clank: gc is no longer on my games list since I finally pawned it off to someone else! better ta give away something ya don't like then have it sitting around forever!

05/19/16 [9:13 p.m.] - an I'm done with g.u. 1! now ta get back to some dragon questin'!

05/18/16 [9:55 p.m.] - new cutie for the list! btw happy 10th b-day .hack//g.u.! my speedy playthrough of rebirth is already going well!

05/17/16 [10:42 p.m.] - parasite eve is now on this years beaten games list ^.^

05/16/16 [10:22 p.m.] - put more of them *'s on the games list for a bunch I'd been missing! fixed the currently playing game list to while I was at it!

05/15/16 [6:24 p.m.] - got a couple more titles in psØ which're now listed in its titles page! 65%'s not to shabby!

05/14/16 [7:33 p.m.] - I switched around some of the pics on the main shrine page to a better looking order!

05/13/16 [9:09 p.m.] - more .hack goodness as I get in another update for the archives!

05/12/16 [11:13 p.m.] - just finished up my speedy run of .hack//mutation! now onto another rpg I can finish quickly cause why not?

05/11/16 [9:52 p.m.] - some more playing around in psØ got that helene to L81 so yay for that! an yay for style savvy fashion forward finally getting confirmed for release here!

05/10/16 [10:16 p.m.] - okies I spotted a cutie under the wrong label an put 'em in the right place and added a brand new one to!

05/09/16 [7:50 p.m.] - quickly went through psØ today so onto the beaten games list it goes! thats 26 rpgs this year so I'm halfway there!

05/08/16 [8:36 p.m.] - phew! and I somehow managed ta beat it today! will it be another 13 years until I play EW again??

05/07/16 [10:24 p.m.] - bumped back last months updates and added a new face to the legend! now to unwind an brace myself for the final dungeon of evolution worlds x.x

05/06/16 [6:25 p.m.] - got a .hack//archives update finished up just now!

05/05/16 [8:35 p.m.] - tossed another recent game cutie onto the list! seee? revisiting old games can be good!

05/04/16 [7:39 p.m.] - finished up golden sun just a short while ago so thats another for the beaten games list! an heres to another year of this site, seeing as todays its 16th anniversary ^.^

05/03/16 [8:19 p.m.] - pulled AO off the oughta replay list since its been replayed an tossed parasite eve on it! when'll I get to that one??

05/02/16 [7:35 p.m.] - this place is due a site titles page update around now so its been done!

05/01/16 [8:25 p.m.] - start of the month means its time ta get all them site stat and percent things in order!
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