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05/31/17 [7:34 p.m.] - another months over, blah. had ta empty out the media schedule again btw since I finished off angelic layer again!

05/30/17 [9:28 p.m.] - got the psp2i other things page updated. I should prolly use this as a reminder ta check out its fanslation status!

05/29/17 [11:31 p.m.] - plopped a pair of gunvolt cuties into the list!

05/28/17 [12:08 p.m.] - first gunvolts on the beaten games list! that final boss... sheesh what a wreck!

05/27/17 [3:02 p.m.] - things are warmin' up an my fave foods lists changing ta fit that tone!

05/26/17 [11:58 p.m.] - added ys8 as one of the games I'm keepin' an eye out for on the games page!

05/25/17 [9:16 p.m.] - some more stuffs listed in the .hack archives which shoulda been there since forever o.o;

05/24/17 [10:30 p.m.] - been a long whiles since I got a level update for Ø helena but ones been achieved! 83 / 100. the max will be reached some day!

05/23/17 [5:37 p.m.] - finished rewatching ninja nonsense so a couple media pages has been updated!

05/22/17 [9:59 p.m.] - random game scores list got another ff7 and yakuza 0 additions!

05/21/17 [3:26 p.m.] - put up a new cutie with pic included!

05/20/17 [8:42 p.m.] - had ta update some stuff on the media page. juggling so many games lately, but I'm diggin' shining and sophie both so far!

05/19/17 [11:02 p.m.] - shining soul II is mine! its on all the relevant pages now an more importantly in my gameboy player!

05/18/17 [8:45 p.m.] - a lovin' new face has just been placed in the legend!

05/17/17 [8:37 p.m.] - level +1 for for psp2i helena! keep that gradual grind goin'!

05/16/17 [9:14 p.m.] - saw an errors on happinys page an rushed ta fix 'em right up!

05/15/17 [7:26 p.m.] - cutie pic time! and its for aoi!

05/14/17 [1:38 p.m.] - put shining soul 2 on the expenses page cause I finally ordered a copy! woohoo!

05/13/17 [5:51 p.m.] - got abit of a sad .hack archives update done. some more sites lost to the ages~

05/12/17 [6:30 p.m.] - started rewatching angelic layer today so I figure it oughta be on the schedule!

05/11/17 [7:53 p.m.] - cleared out more A rank missions so the psp2i other things page gets an update!

05/10/17 [8:35 p.m.] - thinking I'ma start atelier sophie soon so no harm in putting it on the currently playing list right now!

05/09/17 [10:35 p.m.] - site titles page is back up to date! haven't been changing 'em nearly as much this year it seems. gotta pick up the pace maybe?

05/08/17 [7:37 p.m.] - cutie time! idol baba joins the list!

05/07/17 [10:49 p.m.] - time for the first .hack archives update of the month! not that anythings wrong but I seriously got alot of stuff ta straighten out in that section >.>;

05/06/17 [6:26 p.m.] - >.> wait a minute taking a day off from updating doesn't = retirement! my bad, gotta announce that sorta thing or pull the whole place down huh? well thats not on the agenda! what is however is putting yakuza 0 on the beaten games list! woohoo!

05/04/17 [8:42 p.m.] - added a couple of yakuza 0 things to the game scores page! can't have it being tbd forever! oh and site bday status: not forgotten! 17 years?! time ta retire this relic of a site... at some point!

05/03/17 [7:36 p.m.] - brought the psp2i achievements page closer to being fully up to date since I got a bunch more titles!

05/02/17 [10:45 p.m.] - just rememebered my games list was missing some recent beaten *'s! no longer!

05/01/17 [5:48 p.m.] - got the monthly site stats page update done!
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