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11/30/15 [8:56 p.m.] - put up a new cutie pic to end the month! but what will end the year?!

11/29/15 [8:51 p.m.] - rewatched the .hack movie today so I went an noted it on the usual pages! am I not gonna play a single game released this year, this year o.o?

11/28/15 [5:21 p.m.] - put a skeptical new face into the legend!

11/27/15 [10:16 p.m.] - pkmn dash is on the currently playin' list now! that ones looooong overdue for a replay.

11/26/15 [8:38 p.m.] - cleanin' up some of my own messes on this holiday with another version update to the .hack//archives!

11/25/15 [8:52 p.m.] - another single level update for psp2i helena! within 10 levels of where I left off in vanilla psp2, gotta catch up an surpass!!

11/24/15 [6:59 p.m.] - added the first segac racing to this years beaten games list!

11/23/15 [8:29 p.m.] - this feels like the right time ta plop a new freshly found cutie into the list!

11/22/15 [9:19 p.m.] - looks like I was forgetting ta keep the current streak updated on the site stats page so I'ma go ahead an fix that right now!

11/21/15 [6:48 p.m.] - put sealab back on my media rewatchin' schedule!

11/20/15 [7:52 p.m.] - the .hack//archives has been updated again!

11/19/15 [7:41 p.m.] - randomly went an replayed mm powered up today! on to the beaten list it goes!

11/18/15 [8:58 p.m.] - I beat mario sunshine so thats now on the beaten games list! what'll be next?!

11/17/15 [9:03 p.m.] - cutie pic added for powered up roll! is any version of roll not cute??

11/16/15 [10:07 p.m.] - hey I spent actual money on a game this year which won't be out until next but still! expenses page udpated!

11/15/15 [7:08 p.m.] - made a new face for the legends list!

11/14/15 [8:28 p.m.] - L115 for psp2i helena now! keepin' up a slow an steady grind between sessions of other games an stuff!

11/13/15 [7:15 p.m.] - adding to my hype I can now move DQVII off the wishing list an onto the up an coming one!

11/12/15 [5:44 p.m.] - I finished rebeating fire emblem awakening and WHAT?! DQVII 3DS is coming?! HYYYPEE!

11/11/15 [9:47 p.m.] - just finished up something for the .hack//archives I shoulda done yeeeeaaaarrrrs ago! an I still gotta do it for the other 2 g.u. games yet x.x

11/10/15 [8:27 p.m.] - I'm feelin' up for some mario sunshine so its now on the currently playing list to be started soon!

11/09/15 [6:12 p.m.] -got a new cutie sans pic up now. sometimes official arts just hard ta comeby!

11/08/15 [7:51 p.m.] - got the last few months of site titles put onto their page!

11/07/15 [7:59 p.m.] - added a second beaten * for sweet fuse on the games list an plopped fe: awakening onto the currently playing one!

11/06/15 [9:34 p.m.] - I've updated the .hack//archives again an I'm already kneedeep in work on the next one for that section!

11/05/15 [9:20 p.m.] - just a single level-up-date for psp2i helena tonight. not to much time for levelin' lately!

11/04/15 [6:40 p.m.] - another cutie pics been added!

11/03/15 [5:16 p.m.] - beat wario ware twisted today! yet another one on the list for this year!

11/02/15 [5:41 p.m.] - sweet fuse has been beaten an this time I got a love ending ^.^!

11/01/15 [7:39 p.m.] - this months off to a dark start! I can have hour back? nooo? fines! still gonna do the monthly site stat and percent page changes.
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