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11/30/16 [6:50 p.m.] - whaaaat? new flavor text?! finally! moon/sun 'dex entry text for chanseys been added to her page!

11/29/16 [8:18 p.m.] - a third aoi's made her way onto the cutie list!

11/28/16 [8:32 p.m.] - haven't started it yet but I think I'ma settle on replaying the first ps: portable game so I went an put it on the currently playing list!

11/27/16 [5:09 p.m.] - rounded up a new super happy face for the legend!

11/26/16 [7:01 p.m.] - brought the psp2i records page back up to date once more! gotta stop letting things fall far behind!

11/25/16 [11:43 p.m.] - since I forgot ta note it last week, that an tonights poké movie has been put on the media schedule page.

11/24/16 [10:21 a.m.] - just a nice lil .hack archives update on this holiday morning!

11/23/16 [6:27 p.m.] - made seaosonal-like fave food list changes on my profile!

11/22/16 [6:16 p.m.] - byebye dq7! it went the way of the trade-in, so my game lists gone down more! I'll never hit 300! what the credit'll be spent on prolly won't be decided until after christmas ~.~

11/21/16 [11:05 p.m.] - wow psØ's data page was really outta date! not anymore!

11/20/16 [8:27 p.m.] - machi!! she's a new lil cutie added to the list!

11/19/16 [8:11 p.m.] - updated the site stats with that long updateless streak I just had, mostly purposeful as it may have been!

11/18/16 [4:38 p.m.] - booted dq7 off the game scores page since its got no stats worth noting.

11/17/16 [7:25 p.m.] - got a cute new entry on the faces legend!

11/16/16 [5:36 p.m.] - spotted an fixed a minor coloring issue on the left menu!

11/15/16 [9:01 p.m.] - may not know yet what rpg I wanna replay next sooo why not grind more in ones I got goin'? another level up for psp2i helena!

11/14/16 [8:48 p.m.] - kicked bayonetta offa my games list cause I went an traded it in for surprisingly decent credit o.o

11/13/16 [8:12 p.m.] - gots a cutie pic up for an uzuki!

11/12/16 [12:37 p.m.] - that another poké movie down an another media stuffs updates!

11/11/16 [10:28 p.m.] - an hows about some more .hack archives stuff since another part of the web novels out!

11/10/16 [8:54 p.m.] - a new chansey factoids been put up on her page!

11/09/16 [4:47 p.m.] - media schedule now lists all them pkmn movies I've watched over the past month!

11/08/16 [6:26 p.m.] - got an update to my .hack archives!

11/07/16 [5:12 p.m.] - beat mmbn2 so its been added to the beaten games list for this year!

11/06/16 [1:17 a.m.] - woooo hows about an a.m. update! past few months of site titles have been tacked onto their page!

11/05/16 [5:42 p.m.] - about time I updated the beaten games list since I'd fallen 4 behind! 1000 hour mark surpassed btw~

11/04/16 [8:35 p.m.] - raised up psp2i helena another level so the stats on her page have been raised up to match!

11/03/16 [8:25 p.m.] - super overdue for a cutie addition! I'ma toss another kurosawa onto the list!

11/02/16 [6:50 p.m.] - played a bunch of dq9 while sick in bed so I'ma go an update its stuff on the game scores page!

11/01/16 [7:26 p.m.] - site stats have been updated! not percents. never percents again. that page is retired cause I'm done keepin' track!
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