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11/30/17 [8:54 p.m.] - since it was lookin' kinda empty I plopped some stuffs onto the oughta re-read/watch list!

11/29/17 [9:10 p.m.] - got my second ps4 controller today so onto the game accessory list it goes!

11/28/17 [7:57 p.m.] - got a fresh weird new face on the legend page!

11/27/17 [9:43 p.m.] - added a mysterious cutie to the list! what? mysterious is in her name!

11/26/17 [3:13 a.m.] - g.u. vol.3 hd's been beaten thus completing the trilo... oooh wait. post-game! and then~

11/25/17 [3:26 p.m.] - time for a fine .hack archives update!

11/24/17 [7:48 p.m.] - dualshock 4 added to the gaming expenses! always good to have a second!

11/23/17 [8:55 p.m.] - did alil random game scores update for my goblin tag times!

11/22/17 [6:36 p.m.] - behind the scenes work on the chansey shrines been done! now like the .hack archives that whole sections got its own colors an menu undisturbeable by changes I make to the rest of the main site!

11/21/17 [8:24 p.m.] - added meimi to the cutie list and how was she not already on there loooooooong ago??

11/20/17 [9:48 p.m.] - got started on g.u. vol.3 today so I gotta keep that currently playin' list updated!

11/19/17 [6:05 p.m.] - tugged metroid 3ds off my eyein' up list cause I just keep reading things about it that make it seem not for me. in its place... sf5 ae!

11/18/17 [5:05 p.m.] - another fixer upper iterative .hack archives updates finished!

11/17/17 [9:54 p.m.] - fixed the chansey shrines menu colors! my bad for missing that for so long x.x;

11/16/17 [7:02 p.m.] - g.u. vol.2 makes this years beaten games list... in hd!

11/15/17 [6:32 p.m.] - media page was getting alil outta date so I swooped in to clean it up!

11/14/17 [4:15 p.m.] - gettin' an update in early today! site titles page is now all currently good!

11/13/17 [5:43 p.m.] - totally forgot ta put last recode on the backlog page but its there now ^.^;

11/12/17 [5:42 p.m.] - just plopped a new cutie into the list!

11/11/17 [8:36 p.m.] - got a lil .hack archives update done! an alot of .hack playin'!

11/10/17 [7:40 p.m.] - updated the currently playing list!

11/09/17 [11:48 p.m.] - oh yeah that premium edition came with goodies I forgot ta put into the media list! until now!

11/08/17 [9:57 p.m.] - got .hack//g.u. last recode today! ...the imported premium edition version!

11/07/17 [6:53 p.m.] - g.u. vol.1's on the beaten games list! ...again!

11/06/17 [9:54 p.m.] - now heres colors much easier on the eyes! right? right?!

11/05/17 [11:22 p.m.] - added mellow grunty to the cutie list! I should really do something about these colors, I'm getting used to 'em... *mellow*

11/04/17 [9:00 p.m.] - got a .hack archives update good ta go! covering what came out yesterday? nooo, what came out 10 years ago >.>; already spent over 11 hours on Rebirth HD btw...

11/03/17 [8:56 p.m.] - do I even gotta say? prolly not but here goes! .hack//g.u. last recode added to the gaming expenses, game list, an currently playing list!

11/02/17 [11:43 p.m.] - the best times page has been updated! wait not updated... added! an actual new page! one I've been dwelling on doing for some time now! its startin' small with lotsa room ta grow!

11/01/17 [8:30 p.m.] - was wondering what ta do for an update today an then I saw hey! its november! 1st even! site stats time!
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