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10/31/15 [5:55 p.m.] - put some brackets between game titles and limited/whatever editions on the games list! and put another * after 3d land since I forgot to the other day!

10/30/15 [10:05 p.m.] - got another lil something done for the .hack//archives!

10/29/15 [8:26 p.m.] - media schedules got a pair of short shows on it now! about time I got back around to 'em.

10/28/15 [7:07 p.m.] - the psp2i records page now gots more recent infos! which is good cause it was kinda 2 months outta date!

10/27/15 [8:12 p.m.] - new cutie... pic! added just now! gotta keep on increasing 'em!

10/26/15 [5:34 p.m.] - an today mario 3d lands been rebeaten! very fun!

10/25/15 [8:29 p.m.] - just finished replaying drill dozer so I put it on this years beaten games list! sequel when?!

10/24/15 [2:44 p.m.] - pulled a few tbd's from the random game scores list including psp2's since it'll eventually be covered by psp2i anyhows.

10/23/15 [7:40 p.m.] - L113 for psp2i helena! finally got some more type ups to ^.^

10/22/15 [6:55 p.m.] - got some fresh new .hack//archives content done!

10/21/15 [9:12 p.m.] - a new addition to the faces legend is here!

10/20/15 [9:23 p.m.] - put drill dozer and mario 3d land on the currently playing list! both short games so they prolly won't be there for long but heys I'm in the platformer mood!

10/19/15 [8:34 p.m.] - added another cute one to the list!

10/18/15 [1:53 p.m.] - psp2i helena hit L105! getting closer an closer ta being able to deal with all the A rank difficulty missionics!

10/17/15 [7:34 p.m.] - downgraded the media schedule back ta zero since rayearth ended today. such a good series!

10/16/15 [5:29 p.m.] - went an beat vf5 just now! this years beaten games list is started ta fill back up lately huh?

10/15/15 [8:54 p.m.] - .hack//archives are updated agains! a nice easier one this time that just kinda popped into my head as a "hey I should do this" kinda thing! me? plan out updates? not likely!

10/14/15 [7:27 p.m.] - a pair of virtua fighters are added to the beaten games list! quick & easy!

10/13/15 [10:32 p.m.] - a fresh new cuties been listed just now! cuteness forevers!

10/12/15 [6:28 p.m.] - ssb melee's on the beaten games list now after a super quick classic mode playthrough!

10/11/15 [4:16 p.m.] - tonights ultra early or late .hack//archives update is brought to ya by a 7+ hour hour almost non-stop marathon an one resulting neckache from it! can I go to sleep now?

10/10/15 [10:27 p.m.] - put a new face into the legend! now away from this quick distraction back ta what I've been working on!

10/09/15 [8:15 p.m.] - chucked a couple more shows on the media pages oughta rewatch list. someday they'll make it onto the schedule proper!

10/08/15 [9:23 p.m.] - chansey vdex page has been made! didn't sleep on that one to long... kinda!

10/07/15 [6:25 p.m.] - mmx has been beaten an now I never wanna play another game in the series again!

10/06/15 [11:08 p.m.] - 2 level ups are better then 1! psp2i helena hit 103! that type point bar is sooo not moving though. need ta find a good missionic ta grind some of them!

10/05/15 [5:14 p.m.] - getting the first cutie list addition of the month done nice an "early" today! with that outta the way I'm off ta play games! maybic.

10/04/15 [9:51 p.m.] - mmx collection put on the currently playin' list!

10/03/15 [7:06 p.m.] - played enough psobb today to get to L37 with helena! her stats are all updated now. pso just can't hold my attention like it used to, I was playing with my eyes closed!

10/02/15 [7:39 p.m.] - got .hack//archives stuffs finished up just now!

10/01/15 [10:32 p.m.] - this octobers site stat/percent page stuffs are done now. am I eager for 2016 for some reason? I keep accidentally typing it in these updates lately then catching myself an fixing it!
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