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10/31/17 [11:50 p.m.] - did a media page update since I finished a buncha watch/readin' stuffs lately!

10/30/17 [11:28 p.m.] - next snes games been put on the playin' list: kirby! not the golf one.

10/29/17 [7:32 p.m.] - the cutie list now has a second megumi!

10/28/17 [1:15 p.m.] - got your .hack archives update right here! an by your I mean mine. and by here I mean on that portion of the site. o.o

10/27/17 [10:22 p.m.] - g.u. vol.3's been beaten! now ta plow through the long, long post-game on the road back to... rebirth?

10/26/17 [8:28 p.m.] - a legend had retur... er wait the faces legend never left! but it did get a new addition just now!

10/25/17 [6:56 p.m.] - went an update some of the various stats on the psp2i other things page. gotta keep on moving ahead~

10/24/17 [7:38 p.m.] - trimmed down the currently playing games list cause I haven't picked up ps in at least a month I think and the new style savvy still hasn't been announced for release over here so I can stop "rushing" to beat it I think!

10/23/17 [9:48 p.m.] - put roots boxset on my media want list. may as well since I got the sign one right? but I bet the moment I go for it they'll finally put it on bluray -.-;

10/22/17 [9:30 p.m.] - still another idol cutie joins the list!

10/21/17 [12:15 a.m.] - yay for secret late night update! of the .hack archives variety! now my whole day is freed up for ???

10/20/17 [7:07 p.m.] - mario worlds been beaten and g.u. 3 is starting soon! go go go!

10/19/17 [10:35 p.m.] - got a new g.u. 2 game score added! in other news chocolate island is not easy!

10/18/17 [9:33 p.m.] - put in some watched *'s on the media list for the volcanion movie an sign collection cause I'd forgotten to do so until now!

10/17/17 [8:49 p.m.] - let it be known I make questionable color choices e.e; watevs I'm leaving it like this til after halloween!

10/16/17 [9:31 p.m.] - added a friend of animals to the cutie list!

10/15/17 [6:48 p.m.] - g.u. vol.2 hits the beaten games list! gotta keep on goin'!

10/14/17 [3:13 p.m.] - got a .hack archives update right here, right now!

10/13/17 [5:55 p.m.] - secret of mana's done and on the beaten games list!

10/12/17 [7:04 p.m.] - slowly but surely a new level up-date for psp2i helenas come along!

10/11/17 [6:04 p.m.] - put the true current update streak on the site stats page! btw AIM is dying? wtf

10/10/17 [7:47 p.m.] - updated the currently watchin' an readin' list on the media page cause of MAX G.U. mode!

10/09/17 [7:11 p.m.] - first cold steel gets entries on the game scores page! found some apparently misplaced data for it I had intended ta added forever ago x.x;

10/08/17 [7:14 p.m.] - went ahead an put a new cutie pic up!

10/07/17 [1:06 p.m.] - another good .hack archives updates just been finished!

10/06/17 [10:28 p.m.] - plopped secret of mana and g.u.vol.2 on the currently playing list!

10/05/17 [10:36 p.m.] - changing seasons = changing fave food stuffs on the profile! an yay, hype for street fighter v: arcade edition!

10/04/17 [11:01 p.m.] - media schedules all sad an empty again cause I wrapped up magic knights again today!

10/03/17 [10:15 p.m.] - set a fresh new cutie down into the list!

10/02/17 [6:56 p.m.] - g.u. rebirths on the beaten games list for this year now! an next month it'll be on there a second time! @_@

10/01/17 [4:59 p.m.] - mario karts added to the beaten games list! I'll stick with the gba one from now on. the originals not so good!
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