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09/30/15 [10:06 p.m.] - gonna set fe awakening on my oughta replay games list! cause all the games I put on there I totally get around to right x.x? this month was much to busy for gaming but next... might be different? idk.

09/29/15 [9:57 p.m.] - got a cutie pic up for lala! tra la la la~

09/28/15 [10:32 p.m.] - changed around some of the fave foods on my profile as we exit the summery season o.o but could what we had really be called a summer?

09/27/15 [8:44 p.m.] - decided I'm not likely gonna convert over the yearrrrs of back update archive pages so instead of having that long list of monthly listings with no links on the main updates page, I just cut out all but this years!

09/26/15 [11:45 p.m.] - z_z? nearly slept through this update! fixed a title typo on my games list! its smb deluxe not dx!

09/25/15 [11:20 p.m.] - got a new cutie listed!

09/24/15 [10:44 p.m.] - .hack//archives gots a new update just now. whys pxz2 gotta be like 6 months away still -_-

09/23/15 [8:52 p.m.] - psØ's detailed data page is updated now! I think super difficulties to hard for me x.x

09/22/15 [9:05 p.m.] - the faces legend got a new extra attentive addition!

09/21/15 [8:38 p.m.] - bumped ff7r down into my game wishlist since its far off like shenmue 3 but in its up an coming place I put trails of cold steel!

09/20/15 [10:07 p.m.] - its been since forevers since I put up a new wallpaper I think? so I'ma go ahead an do that right now!

09/19/15 [9:47 p.m.] - psØ hellys page now lists a spiffy useful new weapons she's acquired an using very much lately!

09/18/15 [7:45 p.m.] - got a cutie pic put in the list this time! its for ingrid woohoo!

09/17/15 [5:57 p.m.] - the .hack//archives got an update as per the obligatory anniversary rules state!

09/16/15 [10:48 p.m.] - gave the "loose ends" portion of the gaming page the boot! having a game on there as a reminder for like 5 years kind makes the whole thing pointless since clearly I'm not following up on it anytime soon imo.

09/15/15 [9:54 p.m.] - afrer a forevers worth of procastination I made a blissey Vdex page! to bad its rather so-so in looks despite what all I tried.

09/14/15 [7:45 p.m.] - more small/minor fixes/changes this time for the ps generations main page. nothing really ta see here unless ya been paying super close attention to it!

09/13/15 [9:37 p.m.] - spotted an fixed a couple typos on happiny's shrine page! typos are such pesky things aren't they?

09/12/15 [8:00 p.m.] - umm how did dqm: joker never get put on my games list? idk but its there now!

09/11/15 [8:55 p.m.] - a new cuties been added to the list tonight!

09/10/15 [9:27 p.m.] - psp2i helena hit L101 finally? as said before playing 3 different PS games semi-actively slows progress on all!

09/09/15 [9:22 p.m.] - got some more .hack//archives stuff tonight!

09/08/15 [9:07 p.m.] - changed the watchin' list on the media page ta watchin' & readin'! then put what I'm readin' up in there!

09/07/15 [9:32 p.m.] - since the uppin' streaks over 100 now I went an upped the current streak on the site stats page!

09/06/15 [9:17 p.m.] - psobb helena's up ta L36 now. that all shows on her page now!

09/05/15 [11:29 p.m.] - time ta test my luck at "love" again! I'm replayin' sweet fuse so I placed it on the currently playin' list!

09/04/15 [5:49 p.m.] - gots a few more titles in psØ so I put 'em onto its title tales page! wha? ya I am still playing it in lil bits here an there. my goal wasn't ta get to L100 this year was it o.o?

09/03/15 [8:04 p.m.] - cutie lists got yet another cute character put on it!

09/02/15 [7:40 p.m.] - more .hack//archives stuffs so soon? sures why not!

09/01/15 [4:42 p.m.] - while I'm getting stuffs done here "early" lately heres the months start site stat & percent page updates!
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