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09/30/16 [8:26 p.m.] - decided on a new male cutie to add to the list! those are always welcome! gaius is great!

09/29/16 [8:49 p.m.] - got another level up for psp2i helena! anything ta distract me from the blackhole of suck which is dq7.

09/28/16 [9:22 p.m.] - a new face has been stuffed into the legend!

09/27/16 [8:27 p.m.] - more random game scores added courtesy of snowboaring mini-game once again!

09/26/16 [8:28 p.m.] - a cutie pic for homura's up now!

09/25/16 [8:32 p.m.] - got a nice small archives update done now. in other news I played soooo much cold steel 2 this weekend. gotta marathon while ya can!

09/24/16 [11:45 p.m.] - gave the psp2i other things page another lil update. really gotta get working on those requests some more!

09/23/16 [7:20 p.m.] - first two cold steel 2 course times time added to the game scores page! wonder how many there are in total?

09/22/16 [8:47 p.m.] - put pkmn movies on the media schedule! gonna rewatch 'em 1 a week leading into early next year where I'll hopefully be getting the ones I'm missing out on!

09/21/16 [7:17 p.m.] - happiny's picture page has a new image!

09/20/16 [9:31 p.m.] - made a spot in the game scores list for cold steel 2's snowboarding! oh an fyi: dragon quest 7 sucks.

09/19/16 [7:04 p.m.] - the psp2i records page is back to being fully up to day!

09/18/16 [6:01 p.m.] - got a ranko put on the cutie list! gotta have cuteness ta bring me up after my dq7 save got corrupted an forced me to restart -.-;

09/17/16 [3:50 p.m.] - did a big update for my .hack//archives 5th annivesary ^_^

09/16/17 [7:10 p.m.] - finallys! dragon quest 7 is mine! plopped it into all the related gamin' pages now lemme go play!

09/15/16 [7:24 p.m.] - just created another entry for the faces legend!

09/14/16 [10:43 p.m.] - all done rewatching the sailor moon super s movie an noting it on the appropriate pages. which of the 3 was the best? prolly the R movie?

09/13/16 [6:14 p.m.] - got a L132 / 28 psp2i helena now so her pages updated again!

09/12/16 [7:49 p.m.] - gave cold steel a spot of its own on the cutie list since I can see myself adding a bunch more from these games! starting right now with elise!

09/11/16 [12:53 p.m.] - g.u. vol.3's on the beaten games list now! prolly coulda made it in under 10 hours with less grinding -.-

09/10/16 [11:20 p.m.] - put my golden goblin race battle times on the random game scores page!

09/09/16 [8:32 p.m.] - all done with another .hack//archives update! now I dun gotta keep digging through old threads to remember the years the mobile games take place in >.>

09/08/16 [8:33 p.m.] - its to hot for ps3 so I'ma sub out cold steel 2 until the heatwave passes and instead speed through .hack//g.u. vol.3!

09/07/16 [8:42 p.m.] - sneaking in a psp2i records page update just like I snuck in a quick mission run in the game earlier! even with a cool new game in play the behind the scenes grind in an old one lives on hehe!

09/06/16 [11:27 p.m.] - trails of cold steel 2 get! into the expenses, games list, an backlog pages it goes. now back to playing it!

09/05/16 [7:20 p.m.] - another cutie list name fixings' been done! geez, whats with me an misreading/seeing things anyhow?

09/04/16 [8:50 p.m.] - bumped back last months updates and changed up my fave food list some more!

09/03/16 [10:05 p.m.] - .hack//quarantine gets onto yet another years beaten list! finished the whole saga in just slightly over 17 hours!

09/02/16 [6:04 p.m.] - got another .hack//archives update in the bag!

09/01/16 [7:45 p.m.] - new month brings the relatively painless ta do stat & percent page updates!
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