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09/30/17 [3:33 p.m.] - got a fresh new .hack archives update right outta the oven! it was cookin' for over 2 hours despite having all the info at hand. so much work!

09/29/17 [7:33 p.m.] - completely forgot ta do an update yesterday! time ta reset the streak again! anyhows snes classic editions been put on the game expenses page! I've been keeping quiet on that one huh?

09/27/17 [11:30 p.m.] - updated my dun loireag and fort ouph racing times on the game scores page!

09/26/17 [7:04 p.m.] - more recently re-read stuffs been posted on the media page! btw rabites are still cute!

09/25/17 [10:33 p.m.] - added a new yui to the cutie list!

09/24/17 [10:37 p.m.] - although its sooo dumb ta do so, g.u. vol.1's on the currently playing list! already over 7 hours into it and in november I'll be doing it all over again @_@;

09/23/17 [5:07 p.m.] - just wrapped up a .hack archives update covering errors... that weren't made by me!

09/22/17 [9:58 p.m.] - ack! my streak counter was off by 1! its totally correct now however! what a strange lil update!

09/21/17 [8:56 p.m.] - more recently finished .hack stuffs listed on the media page now! trying ta work out the timelines hurting my head e.e

09/20/17 [9:08 p.m.] - tugged quarantine off the currently playing list and gave ever oasis its beaten * on the games list!

09/19/17 [7:07 p.m.] - time ta update that psp2i records page. those mission clears an other things keep on racking up over time ya know!

09/18/17 [9:31 p.m.] - finished off .hack//Roots early so thats off the media schedule along with a buncha other .hack stuffs. an yet theres still much more to go~

09/17/17 [2:37 a.m.] - kicking off another year of the .hack archives with an a.m. update?! with the huge backend change I just such an early posting is needed! gonna spend a buncha time making sure everythings working as it should!

09/16/17 [8:16 p.m.] - a second yurika's found her way onto the cutie list!

09/15/17 [9:31 p.m.] - quarantines been beaten! yay!

09/14/17 [7:30 p.m.] - an I gots another new face for the legend!

09/13/17 [8:06 p.m.] - putting the new kirby and style savvy games on my eyeing up list! really should try ta finish up fashion forward soon huh? been slowly plugging away at it for over a year now o.o;

09/12/17 [7:56 p.m.] - more .hack stuff I've been ploweing through is accounted for on the media page now!

09/11/17 [8:41 p.m.] - ever oasis is off the backlog an into the beaten game list! good game, good game! I certainly enjoyed it!

09/10/17 [8:32 p.m.] - a second mei's been added to the cutie list! thats a good cute name I think!

09/09/17 [5:18 p.m.] - filled in some more pages in the waiting in the .hack archives!

09/08/17 [7:30 p.m.] - finshed up SIGN much earlier than scheduled so that off the currently watchin' an media schedule!

09/07/17 [8:25 p.m.] - .hack//outbreaks been beaten! my pace is really picking up lately!

09/06/17 [7:31 p.m.] - sneakin' in a psp2i other things update. got all them A rank missionics dun an stuffs!

09/05/17 [7:08 p.m.] - just put up a fresh new cutie pic! well its not like I put up old stale ones but w/e!

09/04/17 [6:43 p.m.] - ff7's on the beaten games list for the year now! what a long playthrough that was!

09/03/17 [2:42 p.m.] - gonna start replaying outbreak today so thats pushed onto the currently playing list. also filled in a missing beaten game * on the games list!

09/02/17 [3:44 p.m.] - time for one of them .hack archives updates in which I fix mistakes/typos from years an years an years an ya get the point ago!

09/01/17 [10:02 p.m.] - site stats is updated! ya knew it was coming >.>
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